Guidelines in Making Your Water Bonsai Plants


Materials and Supplies to be used:
- Used bottles
- Used styrofor or foam
- 1.5 liter empty softdriks bottle
- Masking tape
- Formulated Bonsai solution concentrate (Powder Grower)


1. Mix formulated bonsai solution concentrate with 1.5 liter of water to make the bonsai solution.
2. Shake well for 30 secconds and leave for 24 hours until all crystal powders settle at the bottom of the bottle and solution becomes clear. Transfer the solution into another bottle minus the crystal powder that settled at the bottom of the bottle.
3. Clean used bottles to be used as vase for the water bonsai.
4. Pour bonsai solution into the bottles to be used for vase.
5. Wrap cuttings with styrofor or foam to cover the bottle openings to prevent mosquitoes from breeding inside the bottle.
6. Insert cuttings into the bottle with at least 1-2 inches immersed into the bonsai solution.
7. Keep bottles with cuttings on place not directly under the sun to prevent moss formation which can cause drying of the cuttings.
8. Observe the solution everyday and if it changes color and becomes unlear, change the solution right away to prevent the cuttings from drying.
9. Spraying cuttings with the solution is also suggested to speed up the growth of leaves or small stems into the cuttings.
10. After a few weeks, when roots already sprouted, the cuttings can now be transferred to a clear transparent vase to make the roots visible.
11. Clean the transparent vase thoroughly before transferring the cuttings.
12. Prepare stryrofor or styroplate, cuts into one (1) inch wide.
13. Remove the old styrofor or foam from the cuttings. Put the new styrofor by wrapping it around the cuttings, Use masking tape to hold the styrofor, The styrofor should not be too tight nor too loose, just enough to hold the cuttings at the vase.
14. Put decor like pebbles on top of the vase and ribbon on the neck of the vase to conceal the styrofor. 


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