We are the developer of the innovative “water bonsai technology” where we are able to grow plants in tap water mixed with our “powder grower”.  We developed the technology to meet our three-pronged objective of promoting a healthy environment, good health as well as livelihood opportunities.

GWBE now offers a new opportunity that makes wonders at your Home or Office. We are now a plant rental specialists that use a new technology in plant rearing to create an unforgettable ambience in your home or office. With our talented team, GWBE Water Bonsai Rent-A-Plant will lead and provide the latest innovation in a plant industry with great quality, creativity, and exceptional service. We will guarantee you of a stress free plant that will benefit you with good health and a healthy environment. Water Bonsai Rent-A-Plant is a perfect option to decorate your space, whether it is residential or commercial.


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